Why blogging is essential for your business

Starting a blog can be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your business. Blogging has become so successful in recent times that many people are using blogging solely to earn a living.

A recent HubSpot survey has indicated that 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers. If that’s not a good reason to start a blog, I don’t know what is!

Starting a blog, however can be overwhelming for businesses, but it shouldn’t be. Times have changed and starting and enabling a blog on your website is simple in most content management systems such as WordPress, Shopify and Wix.

Here are top reasons I believe starting a blog is essential for your business

It’s cost effective

Yes, blogging takes time and effort. You need to commit to blogging on a regular basis, and set aside time. You’ll probably need to factor in 4+ hours to create a high quality and adequately comprehensive blog post.

It’s important to start considering blogging just like any other aspect of your business’ marketing spend. Sure, time is money and you’ll need to factor that cost into the blog. Even more so, if you’re paying someone to write the blog for you.

Having said that, blogging is effectively free. It will just cost you your time. How many other products in your marketing mix are free?!

Starting a blog can provide significant return on investment for your business. Blogging is really the gift that keeps giving, time and time again!

It drives traffic

Let’s face it, most websites have content that doesn’t change very frequently. Most business’ web pages tend to be static, with only the occasional update here and there, but nothing substantial over time.

Google values “freshness” of content. The thoughts behind this is that the more content is updated and relevant, the higher that content should rank in the search engine, as that’s the most relevant content for users. Makes sense to me!

Every time you write a blog post, one new page is created on your website that will be indexed by the search engine. The blog post will be displayed in the search engine’s results page for many of the keywords you optimise the blog post for.

By showing up in the search engine results, users will find your blog posts by searching for keywords and you’ll see over time that traffic to your site is being driven from search engine results.

It provides content to post on social

Your business is missing an opportunity if it doesn’t post content on Social Media. 92% of businesses report that social media is important to their business.

Blog posts are an excellent source for social media updates, especially for those businesses that operate in a market that’s highly textual. These are businesses where it’s often difficult to get a visual following via pictures on Instagram/pinterest etc. Think accountants, lawyers, finance recruitment etc.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc are great social media choices for businesses in these industries and you really have an opportunity to shine through your creative voice!

Blogging generates links

Just as blogging creates pages that are indexed in the search engine, Blogs give your business a fantastic opportunity to acquire backlinks.

Backlinks can be acquired organically, by influential bloggers and sites in your domain “stumbling” across your blog posts that they want to share with others, or via outreach (I use Lemlist to improve the cold outreach responses) to influencers in your domain. Studies have demonstrated that companies who blog generate 97% more links to their website.

In case you weren’t aware, backlinks build authority of your website and help it to rank better.

It assists conversions

As more traffic comes to your site, you have a golden opportunity to start converting this traffic into leads and sales.

You can use what the industry calls a “lead capture”. This could be a variety of offerings, such as a free webinar, free guide or ebook, discount etc. In the case of a travel & tour company for example, you can offer a discount for bookings straight from the blog post.

It builds authority

Blogging helps your business build authority in your niche. Businesses, via their websites are often viewed as faceless organisations that can be of questionable legitimacy. Blogging gives your business an opportunity to demonstrate it’s expertise and authority. This in turn builds credibility and trust.

Develops better customer relationships

Starting a blog gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers on a deeper level. Your customers get an incredible opportunity to get to know your business from the comfort of their home. By enabling blog comments and forums, you can enable potential customers to interact and comment on blogs. This forges deeper and more meaningful relationships.

In summary, if you’re not currently blogging for your business, you should be! Blogs are an excellent digital marketing mechanism that only costs you time. It’s a great source of traffic and leads, which with a little more effort will eventually result in conversions.

Like all organic methods, it takes time to see results. Put the effort in now, and you’ll reap the rewards later!

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