1. Southern Cross Vet

Evolocity took over managing the SEO (from another SEO agency) in 2017. Southern Cross Vet was an established company with a significant market share, but their online search visibility was not satisfactory, which resulted in a low number of online leads.


In order to gain traction, we started by performing:

Keyword research:

After analysing the main keywords that had been targeted by the previous SEO campaign, I worked on researching & selecting more relevant queries.

First of all, I researched keywords that are at the middle or bottom of the funnel. These had a significant transactional intent, had significant search volume but weren’t too competitive.

I checked some of the top performing competitors and noted down their keywords that were brining in substantial organic traffic and those that had high potential.

Evolocity then started generating regular additional content and implemented various SEO techniques to build up the profile of the business, including link building and enhancing the website interface to increase conversions.


Keyword Visibility:

Within seven twelve months of taking over, SEO traffic had increased more than 8x:

This increased traffic has been reflected in the sudden and dramatic increase (6x) in bookings.

2. The Lion’s Den

The Lion’s Den is an Inner West Luxury Cat Hotel. The owner contacted Evolocity to increase bookings of the cat hotel, to ensure the business remained viable.


The Lion’s Den website was built in 2016 and ranked poorly, only receiving around 30 visitors a month, which resulted in almost no online bookings. Occupancy of the cat hotel was usually below 25%

In order to gain traction in the Cat Hotel niche, we started optimising content as well as the Lion’s Den Google local listing.

Evolocity started creating additional content and implemented various SEO techniques to build up the profile of the Cat Hotel.


Within seven months of taking over SEO traffic had increased more than tenfold: