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Who we are?

At Evolocity, we are a boutique SEO consultant in Sydney, servicing clients Australia wide and internationally. We also offer website audits, Website creation, Paid Search (PPC) strategies including Google Ads & Facebook.

David, our principal Sydney SEO consultant is available to meet virtually, or in person.

We pride ourselves on honesty, transparency & service excellence, which is frequently lacking in Digital Marketing service providers.

Looking for Sydney SEO with exceptional service and accountability?

There are hundreds of SEO consultants in Sydney, many claiming to have the “secret sauce” for search engine optimisation success. The reality is, finding an honest and trustworthy SEO consultant is a daunting task. Many SEO consultants and agencies simply take your money and just outsource all the SEO work to low cost countries. 

How is our SEO different?

We don’t try to compete with large SEO Agencies that need fancy offices, account managers and admin staff to run their operations. We are extremely lean, efficient and provide excellent value for your SEO spend. We partner with equally passionate professionals that complement out skills and abilities.

When you hire us as an SEO consultant, we’ll become an extension of your business, and will do all we can to help you succeed. The reason is simple, your success is our success.

We are responsive, available and accountable for your SEO success in Sydney and beyond.

Since we are a boutique Sydney SEO Consultancy, we create customised SEO strategies based on the needs and budget of your business. No one size fits all “cookie cutter” strategies (that often stop working) here.

Want to learn more? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to jump on a call to see if we are a good fit to work together.

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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimisation is the activity of optimising your website and online presence to drive the right traffic to your website to grow conversions. This task utilises the “free”, or “organic” search results in search engines to help your business to acquire increased leads and sales.

Yes, if done properly. We have had clients tell us such phrases, as “SEO is a scam”, “SEO doesn’t work for my business” etc. This generally comes from businesses looking for the cheapest SEO services that don’t provide enough budget to get results. We have helped clients generate 8x the number of bookings, and 4x their revenue through SEO, so we can confidently say SEO works!

If your business is prepared to play the “long game” for results and invest in the ongoing activity of Search Engine Optimisation, it’s a great choice, but it takes patience to see results.

In competitive markets, businesses can blow their advertising budget in weeks, due to high Pay Per Click rates. SEO operates on a fixed-cost basis, making it sustainable over time.

SEO is long term. If you invest in SEO, it will provide benefits for years to come. This is different from paid Ads, whose value ceases when you stop your advertising campaign.

Local SEO services are our speciality! We’ll help your business create a bespoke strategy that’s tailored to your business and it’s goals that usually encompass the local community. That’s why it’s imperative to find a specialist SEO consultant in Sydney that knows the local environment.

We provide our SEO consulting services from Sydney and that matters! We know the local landscape, are familiar with the competition and are available to meet in person for the most effective communication.

Don’t take the risk of outsourcing your digital marketing services cheaply overseas. We’ve seen several sites penalised by outsourcing to cheap, low quality link building services offshore.

Contact us today to find out all the reasons we are different!

We don’t think so. With the hundreds of algorithms Google releases each year, there’s a phenomenon that is referred to as the “google dance” or “yoyo effect”. When an algorithm is released or tweaked, or a new competitor enters the frey, there’s a period of unpredictable & erratic rankings, until things settle down.

Staying at #1 however takes hard work. With new competitors entering the realm daily, there are no guarantees your website will stay at number 1. It’s imperitive to monitor your rankings and those of your competitors to ensure your site stays ahead of the game.

Some SEO consultants offer extremely cheap SEO services, that promise the world, but actually deliver very little. These SEO services are outsourced to countries with labour as low as $5 per hour. That might sound good in theory, but the quality, skills and experience just aren’t there. A lot of the cheap SEO services are also automated, where no real work is performed, just an SEO tool randomly creating assets that link to your website.

That’s a tricky question! It all depends if the SEO work is done in Australia, of overseas. It also depends on whether you are investing in long-term tried and tested approaches, rather than quick win, high risk approaches to SEO. The reality is, doing SEO the right way is time consuming. The investment cost of several enterprise grade SEO tools that make a good SEO consultant more efficient, runs into the thousands of dollars per year.

Beware of SEO consultants or agencies promising fast results. Since Google’s algorithms are private, no SEO provider can guarantee a timeframe for results. This is especially true for SEO consultants that take the high road to protect your business from quick wins and short cuts that can devastate a business from Google penalties. As a rough guideline, we advise our SEO clients that results should be visible within six to twelve months. This does depend on many factors, such as the industry, health of the website etc.

As part of our honesty and transparency, we provide a summary of all changes performed over the past month, and those planned for the following month. This helps clients visualise the SEO plan and see the tasks being performed to meet the SEO plan and business objectives.

No. We don’t believe in long-term fixed contracts. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our service, you are free to leave with 30 days notice.



Our success can be measured

While many things are hard to quantify and measure, digital marketing is not. Simply put, without an ongoing digital marketing campaign and SEO strategy your simply fall behind your competition. 

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I can not rave enough about David and the good work he has done. If I had have known the impact he would have on our business I would have signed him up years ago. We have gone from no key word searches first page of a google search to over 50. This has provided us 40% of our new business and connected us with amazing great fit clients. A brilliant guy and incredible investment.
There were many options when it came time for us to choose a partner for our SEO work, we choose Evolocity and David as he really understood our business coupled with his technical skills he has real world experience in executing an SEO strategy in the corporate world.
David has been working with my practice for more than 2 years. He offers a personal service and has an in-depth knoweldge of how SEO works and has given our business great advice on improving traffic and conversions. We switched from a large SEO Agency after we felt we weren't getting the attention or value we expected and have never looked back!"
sam kovac
Dr Sam Kovac
Director Southern Cross Vet
Finding an SEO consultant who's honest, reliable, attentive, and will meet you face-to-face and get straight down to business, is like finding gold. Evolocity is gold in a crowded market of often less than desirable SEO consultants. Strongly recommend.

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