Why your business should care about IT satisfaction

Why your business should care about IT satisfaction

thumb-422147_1280Just like any other aspect of a business, inefficiencies and poor performing teams/individuals need to be identified and corrected. The human psyche determines that people don’t like openly criticizing or complaining about others; that’s where satisfaction surveys come in.

 Why should I measure IT satisfaction?

Improve productivity
IT satisfaction is a measure of the performance of your IT department. The IT department should be seen as a business enabler, as it has a direct and measurable impact on your organisation’s productivity and cashflow.

Lower costs
Improving the efficiency of the IT department should be a goal for all businesses. IT staff should spend their time on business enabling activities and forward thinking for IT systems, rather than fixing low value repeated incidents.

Provide input to IT continuous improvement
User feedback is a great mechanism to improve your IT services. Including your customers into the continuous improvement cycle is one of the best approaches for long-term IT satisfaction.

As always, there’s no one size fits all approach for businesses and the IT survey method selected depends on your business’ needs and that of your users.
No matter which approach you take, it’s important to start measuring your IT satisfaction as soon as possible, so you can capture a solid baseline for future comparisons.

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