Content pitfalls for SEO

Content marketing can be extremely effective for extending your reach, driving traffic to your website and ultimately helping you reach your business goals. In this blog, I’ll aim to highlight some of the pitfalls we’ve seen regarding SEO copywriting:

Too short content

 Having content in your page that is less than 300 words is not very useful for SEO. 300 words should be the minimum target to aim for, but you should have 1500+ well written and thought out words that displays your authority to Google.

Content gives the search engine lots of information to read and helps it process and better understand what you are trying to convey in your message. As always, it’s critical to focus on engaging and original content, not filler just to make up the word count. You can find additional tips and suggestions on the topic here.

Don’t stand out

Is your content the same as your competitors? In 2017, your content needs to stand out! Create stand-alone engaging content in a variety of mediums. You’ll need to critically think about what your readers are interested in, and wow them with something they haven’t read before. I’ll touch on the fastest growing mediums later in this post.

 You don’t have a content plan

What content will you create, and when? It’s important to have a content plan to schedule when you will post. What you will post about and what medium you will use? Without a content plan, it’s nearly impossible to produce content on a reliable schedule and that which is of a sufficient quality.

Not optimized for search

Your blog posts need to be optimized for search. Before writing a piece, think about what angle you will take. When writing content, be clear and consistent about what the focus keyword will be for your article. Determining your focus keyword shouldn’t be determined by guessing, they should be thoroughly researched in google trends or the keyword research tool in AdWords. You can read more on the process we recommend here. That’s essentially the process for SEO copywriting, and your focus keyword should be mentioned sparingly throughout your content.


“Keyword stuffing” should be avoided. Don’t try and fool the search engine into ranking you higher, it’s likely to have the opposite effect and have your site penalized instead. Content should read organically, and your content first and foremost should be written for the experience of the end user, not the search engine.

No Landing pages

Landing pages are vital for each service, or location area you service. Without separate landing pages for each service and location, you are really limited in how many focus keywords you can use on your website. For example, Rather than just “Tax accountant” you should have separate landing pages, say “BAS Accountant” “Estate Planning” and “Financial Planning” depending on what services you offer. Minimum one focus keyword should be set per landing page.

Not Blogging

Blogging is still a great way to create followers and the number one method of SEO copywriting to rank well in Google and show your authority on a subject. Many businesses don’t blog regularly, or at all. It’s important to have at least one “Cornerstone article” with blogs that link to these.

Only using blogs

Time has dictated that content such as Infographics and video are becoming more important for SEO and followers. If you think about it, it’s quite logical! Just like short forms of communication are becoming more prevalent (such as chat), video and infographics are able to deliver more information in a shorter time/attention span. Infographics and videos are especially important, as research has shown that they’re extensively shared on social media.

Content marketing is extremely important for your business. SEO copywriting is effective to drive quality traffic to your website leading to increased leads and sales. Sure, it takes effort, but the returns will be worthwhile if you have an effective content marketing strategy.

If the above seems overwhelming, contact Evolocity today to learn how we can help your business with content marketing services in Sydney and SEO services to grow your business.