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Google My Business, Google Business Listing, Google Maps, Google Local and even Google 3-pack. These are just some of the names given to the increasingly important Google local listing that appears when someone searches for local products or services.

If you’re not familiar with the local search listing, it looks like this:

Google Maps

These google my business listings are one of the most important web listings for your local business, as they are based on proximity or distance from the desired location and are thus critical for local business searches.

This Google element is also important, as it is responsible for collecting Google reviews for your business. 

Google business listings have become even more prevalent on mobile device searches, which comprise more than 50% of searches.

Local SEO in Sydney is critical for businesses that serve their local communities, either through a shop-front, providing services at the client’s location, or even online in terms of a service area. 

Evolocity’s unique and best practice aligned 4-6 week local SEO set up and tuning service will create and optimise your Google My Business listing so you stand out from the pack and attract new potential customers. We pride ourselves on offering affordable SEO for small business.

Don’t let the confusing names and complexity of citations restrict you from ensuring your business is the go-to location for local searches for products and services.

By choosing to work with Evolocity for your local SEO, you’re choosing the experts who devote countless hours each week to learn the latest techniques.

We invest in Enterprise grade SEO tools to ensure no stone is left unturned to provide your business the very best local SEO resources to ensure your business stands out from the rest.

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