Social Care- the future of IT support

Social Care- the future of IT support

online-942408_1920Customer service expectations are rising year on year and it’s clear that consumers prefer dealing with real people than with nameless people at faceless corporations. Recent surveys have shown that up to 50% of customers turn to social media for IT support.

Historically, IT Support has an unfortunate reputation of being untimely and not customer centric. Legacy tooling and processes have created a support culture that’s built on policies, rules and autocracy rather than agility. The pendulum however is slowly swinging towards customers (and users), and their preferences for interactions.

At Evolocity, we believe it’s clear- the future of IT support is Social Care.

What’s Social Care you ask? Consider it the paradigm shift from traditional IT service management to incorporate social media as a support mechanism. This shift allows businesses to listen to their customers, take action to resolve issues while at the same time incorporating this feedback into continuous improvement initiatives. It’s all about customer service meeting your customers in their own playground- on social media.

Social care, or multi-channel support involves a mixture of social media and traditional IT support such as tried and tested IT help desk or call centre solutions.

We believe it’s crucial for businesses to move towards a multi-channel approach, where several channels such as phone, email, chat and social media are used simultaneously to support your customers.

Organisations that have implemented the use of social media to support IT service management have found a significant improvement in the speed of incident resolution and an improvement in customer satisfaction.

What do I need to make this happen?

Primarily, a social strategy. Without a social strategy, how else will you create meaningful relationships with your customers? A social strategy will also help to anaylse your customers and their needs via their social interactions

Also, the skills (and time) to manage your IT support and social strategy. Having good IT knowledge, customer service and social media skills can be a rare skillset. You can either train staff to perform this function, or outsource your IT support and social media management to experts.

Social care significantly impact IT Satisfaction. To read more on the topic, click here.

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