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If you are searching for digital marketing experts in Sydney, at Evolocity, we pride ourselves on providing the best digital marketing services:

Affordable SEO & PPC Services in Sydney

Is your website listed effectively in the Sydney search results in Google? Are you receiving enough traffic, leads, and sales from your site? If not, you might need an SEO specialist in Sydney for your business.

For your business to attract high-quality leads and sales, it’s imperative that your business has visibility for keywords that have the correct search intent. That is, those keywords your potential customers are using when in the purchasing cycle.

Evolocity’s unique and best practice aligned affordable SEO services in Sydney will optimise your website for SEO, so you stand out from the pack and attract new potential customers.

We’ll perform technical SEO which involves a deep dive audit of your website to ensure there aren’t any “unseen” errors in the design and structure of your website, to ensure search engines can traverse your website easily and efficiently which will make it easier to rank.

Don’t let the confusing names and complexity of an SEO campaign stop your business from excelling in Google searches for your products and services.

How is our Digital Marketing different?

By choosing to work with Evolocity for your marketing, you’re choosing the SEO & PPC experts who devote countless hours each week to learn the latest techniques.

We invest in Enterprise grade tools to ensure no stone is left unturned to provide your business with the very best resources to ensure your business stands out from the rest.

As a boutique Sydney SEO agency, we are different to the big players, as we only work with a small number of select clients that are a good fit for both of our businesses. Being a boutique digital media provider makes us agile and approachable. We’re accountable, transparent and honest and believe in long-lasting relationships and great customer service.

Call us old fashioned, but we also believe in doing things the right way. We don’t take shortcuts that have the potential to harm your business over the long term.

Is digital marketing affordable?

With Evolocity it is! We run a super lean operation, with no fancy office, sales team or other non-essential overheads. This keeps our SEO & PPC services affordable for businesses in Sydney and beyond.

Contact Evolocity today for a free site analysis and to learn how we can assist your business to grow its online presence while providing ROI on our SEO services.

Sydney local SEO

Do you want your local business to rank at the top of Google (maps) local search? We can help!

Google My Business, Google Business Listing, Google Maps, Google Local and even Google 3-pack. These are just some of the names given to the increasingly important Google local listing that appears when someone searches for local products or services.

If you’re not familiar with the local search listing, it looks like this:

local seo sydney listing

These google my business listings are one of the most important web listings for your local business, as they are primarily based on proximity or distance from the desired location and are thus critical for local business searches.

Claiming and optimising your Google My Business listing is really the foundation of local SEO. Over 50% of businesses haven’t even claimed their GMB listing.

google my business listing

This Google feature is also important, as it is responsible for collecting Google reviews for your business.

Google My Business listings have become even more prevalent on mobile device searches, as they are frequently used to aid navigating to the local business with Google Maps.

Local SEO in Sydney and the whole of Australia is critical for businesses that serve their local communities, either through a shop-front, providing services at the client’s location, or even online in terms of a service area radius that surrounds their business.

Evolocity’s unique and best practice aligned 4-6 week local SEO set up and tuning service will create and optimise your Google My Business listing so you stand out from the pack and attract new potential customers. We pride ourselves on offering affordable local SEO solutions for small businesses.


Don’t let the confusing names and complexity of building citations, updating your NAP (Name, Address & Phone number) restrict you from ensuring your business is the go-to location for local searches for consumers that are searching for your products and services.

By choosing to work with Evolocity for your local SEO, you’re choosing the experts who devote countless hours each week to learn the latest techniques.

We invest in Enterprise grade SEO tools to ensure no stone is left unturned to provide your business the very best local SEO resources to ensure your business stands out from the rest.

Read more about our other Digital Marketing services, or contact us.

When should I pay for PPC advertising?

If you’re a new business and need to rank fast

Advertising gives you instant results and can get you on the top of Google the same day. Building your brand through organic methods takes months or years, so if you want to hit the ground running, Pay Per Click Ads are the way to go.

You’re in a very crowded marketplace

If you’re in a big city such as Sydney or Melbourne and competing in an industry with thousands of other similar companies, it will be difficult to rank for regular SEO keywords.

You have an advertising budget

If you have a budget allocated for advertising, you have the potential to see ROI on that advertising spend. Ads cost money, in terms of pay-per-click or PPC. The costs vary, but you’ll need to set aside a reasonable budget for advertising.

Your customer lifetime value is high

If your customer lifetime value is in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars, it’s probably not such a concern if you spend $50 in advertising to acquire each client.

We’ve seen several businesses that spend over 2k per month on Google Adwords, but they see a significant return on investment with new clients that come from Ads campaigns, so spending money on advertising is a great investment.

Why should I outsource Ads management?

We’ve often seen clients wasting thousands of dollars on Google Ads campaigns that aren’t optimised. In fact, we’ve reduced the cost per conversion by 75% for several clients, which equates to over 1k reduced Ad Spend per month to achieve the same results!

Do you really want to invest the effort into learning to bid for keywords and managing your campaigns when you have a business to run?

How do we work?


We meet with you (or speak over the phone) to understand your business goals, competitors, and advertising budget.


We analyse several metrics for advertising such as the days of the week the campaign should run, what keywords we recommend for your campaign as well as their target demographics and cost per click.


We implement your Advertising campaign, often several rotating campaigns simultaneously, so we can compare results and decide which is the most effective to retain going forward. Costs are closely monitored to ensure the campaign doesn’t exceed your budget. We also check to ensure the correct ads are displayed.


We review the effectiveness of your campaign on a weekly basis, provide a report on the results and discuss and implement any changes.

Are you ready to start generating more revenue from your website?

Our Sydney Google Ads campaign management can help. A good campaign requires significant research, planning, and implementation, which is why it’s crucial to find the best PPC management company in Sydney to look after your business’ interests. Evolocity offers reasonably priced PPC management.

The best PPC management comes from really understanding your business, and ensuring we target the demographics of customers who have the highest likelihood to convert.

To find out more about what we do, and our values contact us today.

Content Marketing

Content marketing will help to increase search engine visibility, establish your business as a thought leader, and drive significant traffic to your website that will contribute to leads and sales.

Companies who produce regular, relevant and high quality content receive significantly more traffic than those that don’t.

Most businesses we’ve spoken to love the thought of creating regular content to display their expertise and passion, but are often too busy running their businesses to allocate time for content creation.

That’s where Evolocity comes in! We are your content marketing consultancy that can create cost-effective content including website copy writing, blog creation as well as social transcripts for your business, as a one-off task or recurring engagement.

Most people are aware that traditional mediums are on the decline. As a business owner or Marketing Manager, it’s critical to create regular, high quality long form content that helps customers make decisions and establishes your business as a thought leader that’s front of mind when customers are searching for your products or services.

It really doesn’t matter what industry you are in. From Medical and Veterinary, Technology, Customer Service, Real Estate and travel content marketing, there’s an opportunity to grow your business through content marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Have no fear, at Evolocity, we only use experienced Australian writers for our content marketing. That’s because, we’ve found that only Australians are able to write in a voice and tone that resonates with Australian audiences.

What forms of content marketing can we produce?

Website Copywriting

Looking to create a new website and in need of a website copywriter to write your content in a way that resonates with your audience?

Blog Articles

Blogs are a great way to demonstrate the knowledge and authority of a business. We can create regular blogs for your website on any topic you desire, including medical and high technology. This includes long-form content such as Ultimate Guides and Ridiculously Long Lists (RLLs).


Another great way to demonstrate your authority and convey complex information in a succinct manner is through infographics. We’ll create beautiful infographics for your website that can be shared all over the web!

We create content that converts

As SEO experts, we create content marketing plans that drive conversions. We are transparently results-driven and track conversions that our content marketing generates.

Why use a content marketing consultancy in Sydney? Because we live and breathe Sydney, we’re familiar with the business landscape in Sydney and are acutely aware of their content needs. We are also able to meet our clients face to face to gather requirements and build trust.

If you’d like a no-obligation quote, for cost-effective content marketing or copywriting in Sydney and the rest of Australia, contact Evolocity today.

Reputation Management Services

Online reviews are often considered the new word of mouth. People trust Google and other platforms’ reviews in much the same way that they trust recommendations from friends and family.

Business owners often tell us that their heart skips a beat when they receive a notification from Google My Business that their business has just received a new review.

When an unhappy customer leaves a negative review on Google, it can pose a significant risk to your business’ reputation. Many of these negative reviews are however fake, either left by a computer robot (ie “bot”) or a jealous competitor or another malicious source.

These bad reviews can have a significant impact on the reputation of your business that can lead to a decline in leads or sales.

Evolocity’s reputation management service will monitor your reviews and overall online reputation and work to remove negative reviews that are unjustified.

What our clients are saying

I can not rave enough about David and the good work he has done. If I had have known the impact he would have on our business I would have signed him up years ago. We have gone from no key word searches first page of a google search to over 50. This has provided us 40% of our new business and connected us with amazing great fit clients. A brilliant guy and incredible investment.

Todd Gorsuch
CEO Customer Science

There were many options when it came time for us to choose a partner for our SEO work, we choose Evolocity and David as he really understood our business coupled with his technical skills he has real world experience in executing an SEO strategy in the corporate world.

Michael Lyons
CEO Recovery Systems

David has been working with my practice for more than 2 years. He offers a personal service and has an in-depth knowledge of how SEO works and has given our business great advice on improving traffic and conversions. We switched from a large SEO Agency after we felt we weren't getting the attention or value we expected and have never looked back!

Finding an SEO consultant who's honest, reliable, attentive, and will meet you face-to-face and get straight down to business, is like finding gold. Evolocity is gold in a crowded market of often less than desirable SEO consultants. Strongly recommend.

Sharon Melamed
MD, matchboard