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Are you looking for a reliable Sydney SEO consultant?

Is your website on page 1 of Google? Are you receiving enough traffic, leads and sales from your site? Do you want to work with a local Sydney SEO consultant?


Sydney SEO consultant

We are here for you.

We provide Sydney SEO services for small and medium businesses. We have a successful portfolio of improving organic search engine ranking, traffic, click through rate and Conversions for our clients.

We pride ourselves on providing efficient, affordable SEO services for businesses located in Sydney, as well as those located Australia wide.


Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of success for a website, but is often neglected.

SEO is the process of optimising your website & it’s credibility, so search engines rank it higher and your business can be found more easily. Creating a website and hoping it to rank well, isn’t a good strategy in 2017. There are millions of websites on the internet and thousands are added each day. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is required for your site to display in the search engine’s search results page that’s within reach of your potential clients.

Our Sydney SEO consultant constantly stays up-to-date on the latest trends in Google’s algorithm and general SEO changes and best practices. We have superior knowledge of both on-page technical SEO, off-page SEO, as well as content writing and Social Media marketing. We know online marketing well and we can help your business succeed.

By allowing us to manage your SEO and Online marketing, we’ll thoroughly research your keywords, and label your content, which allows Google to index it successfully. We guarantee results within 30 days, else we’ll give you a full refund.

Good SEO will:

  • Get your website on the first page of Google
  • Increase visitors to your website
  • Increase leads and sales

At Evolocity we love SEO, as it lets you reap the benefits of free, organic rankings in Google. Sure it’s a long term game but it gets results!

Why SEO in Sydney ?

Are you looking for SEO that can dramatically improve your Google rankings, website traffic, lead and sales?

Many of our clients have spent money on SEO before, and have come away unsatisfied from the experience and haven’t experienced the gains that were promised. They’ve often tried “cheap” overseas SEO Agencies that have used unscrupulous means to gain rankings fast, but have actually decreased rankings because your site has been penalized. If you’re serious, and are looking for results It’s time to work with a local SEO Sydney company that’s located in Rose Bay.

Evolocity only uses ethical cutting edge “White Hat” SEO methods that have been proven over time to improve rankings for websites. We take a methodical approach to your business SEO and we get results!

We are a reputable, proactive and trusted SEO company that offers service excellence to clients. We are big enough to have the skills and experience you need, but small enough to care about our clients and give them the attention they deserve (and are paying for)!

We believe in a collaborative approach to SEO and value relationships with our clients and feel a responsibility and yearning to help make your business succeed.

If you are serious about increasing leads and sales for your business, call us today on 02 8091 4530 and we can work on an Online Marketing strategy that’s tailor made for your business to increase traffic.

We are here to help your business grow

All of our clients are sitting amongst the top of their respective google search results and have been there within a few months of coming on board. Take one of our Limousine clients, who have increased their ranking by 53 places in 60 days! This is a significant achievement and its one of the reasons we are considered one of the best SEO companies in Sydney. We also helped a pet hotel business increase their rankings by 60 places in 14 days. These are some of the fantastic results we are proud of. Not for the search engine results per se. We are delighted for the benefits they’ve given of our clients and the increased leads and sales for these businesses.

 We know SEO

When working with a new client, we take a proactive and methodical approach to SEO, starting with an initial discussion to understand their business goals are and competitors.

We perform a thorough website audit and SEO analysis to understand both technical on-site structure, performance, keyword and content opportunities as well as off-site links and social media audit. We believe in a holistic online marketing approach and cover all aspects that affect SEO, including content plans and social media strategies.

Promoting your site via a targeted backlink outreach program is essential. Targeted backlinks from reputable websites demonstrate your authority to Google and are one of the key elements that determine rankings.

Content production is also one of the most important aspects of SEO. The simple answer is Good content will rank well. We’ll review your content for compatibility with good SEO practises and either advise you, or re-write your content so it will rank better in Google.

Why Evolocity?

We only employ cutting edge “White Hat” techniques to SEO, and don’t believe is shortcuts that hurt your business’ SEO in the long term. We pride ourselves on providing results driven Sydney SEO consultants.

You can count on us. We are reliable, and believe in the power of client partnerships, which require honesty, trust and integrity.

At Evolocity, we believe in a collaborative approach to SEO, from keyword analysis and research, competitor analysis, sitemap creation to Search Engine Results Page displays in the search engine. We know SEO best, but no one knows your business better than you, so we need to work together as your Sydney SEO consultant.

 We’re local. Many companies use “cheap” offshore services for their SEO and then regret it later. We’ve often been called in to clean up the mess that unscrupulous SEO agency’s have made by using “Black Hat” techniques such as buying links, using “spammy” content etc. Also, being local helps us to know the local industry and create your Google places listings to perform the best.

Why is Evolocity the best for your business?

We believe in honesty and integrity. We’ll do the right thing for your business and always are open and honest in our communication.

Guaranteed results– if you don’t see an improvement in your rankings in 30 days, we’ll provide a full refund. We’re so confident in our ability, we’re happy to offer a refund if our SEO services don’t perform. Needless to say, all our clients have seen a significant improvement in rankings so we’ve never paid a refund, but we stand by our promise.

No lock-in contracts. We don’t believe in locking you in to a contract for SEO. We sincerely believe we’re the best, but if you don’t agree you are free to leave. We need to work as a team to see your business succeed. It’s in both of our best interests that we want to work together, as we’re happy if you’re happy.

We are accountable: We monitor your keywords weekly, and provide monthly ranking reports for your top keywords. If there’s a drop in ranking, we act immediately and are transparent with you as to what action we’re taking to address the situation.

We are flexible. No two business are the same. Some have in-house content writers and social media managers, others have outsourced these functions and don’t wish to change. At Evolocity, we’re flexible and can design a custom package to suit your business needs.

Service Excellence– There are hundreds of SEO companies in Sydney, but we believe service is our differentiator. We respond, act and follow-up and we pride ourselves on communication.

We know our stuff– We live and breathe SEO! We follow industry trends and daily learn about SEO to ensure we’re always employing cutting edge SEO techniques. We’ve been in the IT industry for almost 20 years, so there’s not much we haven’t seen before!

SEO is on-going and takes time

Thousands of websites are added to the Internet each day. As a result, the Internet keeps changing and so do your rankings.

From the time taken to perform extensive keyword research, Google crawling and indexing your site to link building and creating engaging content etc. SEO is an iterative art that takes several months to improve your search engine ranking, especially if you have a new domain or website.

Good SEO takes time and doesn’t bring instant results. If you’re looking for instant results, Search Engine Marketing (or social media advertising) is a better choice via Google AdWords. We can help with Google AdWords, Facebook and other social media marketing campaigns also.

If your website isn’t ranking, your customers won’t find you!

if your website is not visible on page 1 of Google for what users are searching for, you will miss out on customers. At Evolocity, we are awesome at SEO. We will create a SEO campaign for your business and work towards getting you to page 1 of Google, increase the number of quality visitors to your website, and convert the visitors into leads or sales.

How can I begin my SEO Campaign?

If you have used an SEO agency previously, or you are trying out SEO for the first time, give us a call on: 02 8091 4530 and we will explain how we can help your business via a custom SEO campaign.

Contact Evolocity today for a free site analysis and to learn how a Sydney SEO consultant can assist your business to grow it’s online presence. You’ll be happy you did!