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Sydney AdWords

Are you looking for a proven Sydney AdWords Agency that has a track record of driving quality traffic and leads to your website?

Do you need a partner you can trust that has the best interests of your business at heart?

Are you confused with all the IT jargon out there and don’t know which way to turn? Evolocity is your perfect search engine optimisation partner & online marketing agency.

We love working with Australian businesses, providing online marketing services that have helped them grow and become profitable via their online presence.

Sydney AdWords

Are you looking for someone to manage your Sydney AdWords Strategy? Don’t want to know about Keyword planning, click through rates and conversions, just want more leads and sales?

At Evolocity, we’ll run your Online Marketing campaigns, including Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising and also Twitter and LinkedIn campaigns..

Although we love Search Engine Optimisation and the power that comes with free organic Google SEO rankings, there’s definitely a place for paid advertising in the Online world. We’ll break some of these down, below:

When should I pay for advertising?

If you’re a new business and need to rank fast.

Search Engine Optimisation is a great strategy, but it takes time for your website to gain credibility with Google to rank well. Usually at least six months to see results, but often even longer if it’s a new domain name. Advertising gives you instant results and can usually get you on the top of Google the same day.

You’re in a very crowded marketplace

If you’re in a big city such as Sydney or Melbourne and competing in an industry with thousands of other similar companies, it will be difficult to rank well on regular SEO keywords no matter how good your SEO company is. In this case, you’re often competing with well established companies that have authority with Google already. These companies may also be large, with significant advertising budgets. Which takes us on to the next point…

You have a significant advertising budget

If you have a significant budget allocated for advertising, you have the potential to see ROI on that advertising spend. Sydney AdWords costs money, in terms of pay-per-click or PPC. The costs vary, but you’ll need to set aside a budget for advertising to see results in SEM.

Your customer lifetime value is high

If your customer lifetime value is in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars, it’s probably not such a concern if you spend $100 in advertising to acquire each client.

We’ve seen several businesses that spend over 1k per month on Google AdWords, but they see a significant return on investment with new clients that come from AdWords campaigns, so spending money on advertising makes sense.

Why should I outsource my Sydney AdWords campaigns?

We always believe that people should focus on what you’re good at. In our case, it’s Sydney AdWords and Sydney SEO Services. We don’t do anything else. Do you really want to spend the time studying Google AdWords trends, bidding for keywords and managing your campaigns when you have a business to run?

We know what’s the most suitable medium for your business, what advertising builds your brand and which results in increased sales.

How does our Online Marketing process work?


We meet with you (or speak over the phone) to understand your business’ goals, competitors and advertising budget.


We go away and analyse several metrics for advertising such as the days of the week the campaign should run, what keywords we recommend for your campaign as well as their target demographics and cost per click.


We implement your Advertising campaign, often several rotating campaigns simultaneously, so we can compare results and decide which is the most effective to retain going forward. Costs are closely monitored to ensure the campaign doesn’t exceed your budget. We also check to ensure the correct ads are displayed.


We review the effectiveness of your campaign on a weekly basis, provide a report on the results and discuss and implement any changes.

Are you ready to start generating more revenue from your website?

Our Google AdWords campaign management can help! A good Sydney AdWords or Search Engine Marketing campaign requires significant research, planning and implementation, which is why it’s crucial to find the best PPC management company to look after your business’ interests. Evolocity offers reasonably priced PPC management pricing, being a credible Sydney firm that has the capability to guarantee results.

The best AdWords PPC management comes from really understanding your business, and ensuring we target the demographics of customers who have the highest likelihood to convert.

If you hire a less experienced agency, you could blow your entire advertising budget without getting results. Several clients have had this experience and come to us to correct other agency’s mistakes. This is exactly why we recommend engaging a PPC campaign management through Evolocity.

Can’t I just use Google’s free consult to setup my AdWords campaign?

Be careful! We’ve had several customers who have done this and blown their advertising budget on irrelevant clicks. Just like all PPC setup, you need a search engine marketing campaign that will be setup properly, monitored and adjusted to ensure it’s optimally tuned to provide great results. AdWords isn’t “Set it and forget it”. If it were this easy, there’d be no place for companies like ours to manage your SEM campaigns!

You already know the significant benefits of a Sydney AdWords or AdWords PPC management and the traffic it can bring to your website to help you get more customers and help your business grow.

Ready to take action?

Evolocity offers inexpensive, value for money cost per click AdWords management crafted specifically for Australian businesses.

To find out more about what we do, and our values contact us today.